Tourist places in Goa - 'Dudhsagar Waterfalls'

              Tourist Places in Goa 'Dudhsagar Waterfalls'

Dudhsagar waterfalls is in Mandovi River in Goa state of India. It begins on the Deccan plateau in the state of Karnataka. This river plummets over the highest peak on the border of Goa. This forms 'Dudhsagar Waterfalls'.  By road it's 60 km from Goa's capital city Panaji and 50 km from Margao. It's 80 km south of Belagavi.

Dudhsagar waterfalls is among India's tallest waterfalls with a height of around 310 meter. First being Kunchikal waterfall with a height of 455 meter situated in Shimoga district of Karnataka State. It's located in Bhagwan Mahavir Snctuary and Mollem National Park. The water falls forms an imaginary border between Karnataka and Goa State. This waterfalls comes under the jurisdiction of Goa and falls under Sanguem Taluka. Unlike the summer season, this waterfalls has a huge force of water during monsoon. Dudhsagar literally translates to 'Sea of Milk' For the tourists it is an allusion of white spray and foam.This waterfalls area is surrounded by a dense forest

Castle Rock is the nearest railway station to get to this famous tourist destination. There is no scheduled stop of train near Dudhsagar waterfalls but the visitors coming by train to get down to this place has to get down the steep ladder of the train within a matter of 1 minute or so if the train takes a halt. From here visitors has to walk around a kilometer to get near to waterfalls.

The story behind the name of waterfalls - This story is based on the princess who was the daughter of the king of the Ghats. She was very beautiful and modest. She used to bath in the lake near the castle of her father. She and her female servant used to gather near the lake and the princess consumes a jug of milk.
One day while the princess was having the milk, one handsome prince was passing by the same way.
As he heard the laughter his curiosity got awakened. The princess was ashamed with her scanty bathing attire. Her lady servants poured the milk in a cascades in front of her to create a curtain her donning her clothes.
As the cascade saved the modesty of the princess thus the name Dudhsagar falls.

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