Religious Heritage Sites of Goa

Religious Places to visit in Goa 

       There are number of places to visit in Goa for the one who is planning for a 3 days or 5 days tour
       package to Goa. These tourist places can be categorised broadly into 9 categories -
              1. Famous Beaches
              2. Historical and Heritage Pilgrimage Sites
              3. Historical and Heritage Sites
              4. Adventure Sites 
              5. Hill Stations 
              6. Waterfalls
              7. Shopping Malls and Multiplexes
              8. Nite Markets and Bazaars
              9.Wildlife Sanctuaries and Museums 

Here in this blogpost I would like to cast some light on the Historical and Heritage Religious Sites of Goa.

St. Francis Xaviers Tomb -

St. Francis Xavier's Tomb is also called Basilica of Bom Jesus. 'Bisilica' means 'a large oblong hall or building' and 'Bom Jesus' means 'infant jesus or Good Jesus' The construction of this church started in 1594 and got completed in 1605. This monument was built by the archbishop, Dom Fr. Aleixo De Menezes . This monument took around 9 years to be constructed.
This Basilica is a part of UNESCO world heritage sites. This monument has the body of St. Francis Xaxier. St. Francis Xavier along with his very close friend St. Ignatius Loyola founded the society of Jesus. St. Francis died on Sancian Island while coming to China. His dead body was taken to Portuguese Malacca and then brought back to Goa.
The dead body is still there in St. Xavier's Tomb in Old Goa. Old Goa used to be the capital of Goa from 16th century uptill 18th century during Portuguese rule in Goa.
Basilica of Bom Jesus still attracts so many tourists from India and across the world.
Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the oldest churches in Goa and India as well. The table or flat top block has the statue of St. Ignatius Loyola a very close friend of St. Francis Xavier.
This site is one of the most popular tourist sites of Goa and I would recommend everybody coming to Goa, India to visit Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old Goa.

Distance -
From Panaji Kadamba Bus Stand : 10-12 KMs
From Vasco Da Gama Bus Stand : 27 KMs
From Goa International Airport : 24 KMs
From Margao Railway Station : 33 KMs

Shri Mangueshi Temple -

Mangueshi Temple is located in Priol, Ponda, Goa. This temple is situated in a large area. This temple is most visited temple in Goa.
This temple is originated in Kushasthali, Cortalim. Cortalim is a village situated in Mormugao. When
Portuguese invaged Goa in 1543, this village fell in the portuguese invaded area. And again when Portuguese started Christian conversions in Mormugao Taluka, the Saraswat of Kaudinya Gotra and Vatsa Gotra moved the Manguesh Linga from Cortalim to Priol at it's present location. This area was then ruled by Hindu Kings of Sonde Antruz Mahal which is situated in Ponda.During the rule of Marathas this temple was renovated twice. It was renovated again in the year of 1890. Of late, it was renovated in the year of 1973 when the golden Kalasha was fitted on the tallest dome of the temple.
The Mangueshi village where the temple is now situated, is donated by Peshwas to the temple in 1739.  This temple area also fell into the rule of Portuguese in 1763. But by that time Portuguese became tolerant of other religion that's the reason this site was not touched by them.

This temple is dedicated to Bhagwan (Lord) Manguesh who is an incarnation of Lord Shiva.Lord Manguesh is worshiped as Shiva Linga. According to Scolars, Lord shiva had disguished himself as a tiger to scare his wife Parvati. When Parvati was feeling scared by the tiger, she went on looking for Lord Shiva crying out " Trahi Mam, Trahi Mam Girisha (Lord of Mountains). When Lord Shiva heard the sound of fear, he changed himself to his original form. Over the time the word "Mam Girisha " got abbreviated to Manguirish or Manguesh. This premise also has Lard Ganesha, Parvati, Nandikeshvar.

This temple is 450 years old with it's simple yet exquisitely elegant structure. The temple has several part in it. There is Nandi Bull and seven story lamp tower inside it. Sabha Griha is a hall with a capacity of around 500 people.

Distance -
From Panaji Kadamba Bus Stand : 20-22 KMs
From Vasco Da Gama Bus Stand : 36 KMs
From Goa International Airport : 20-25 KMs
From Margao Railway Station : 25-27 KMs

SE Cathedral and Archbishops Palace -

Se Cathedral is situated in Old Goa in front of Basilica of Bom Jesus. This is one of the largest churches in Asia. This church is one of the top rated places to visit in Goa. This Church is part of UNESCO World heritage site.
This church was built to recall the victory of Portuguese over muslim army which led to capture of city of Goa in 1510. The cathedral was dedicated to St. Catherine as the day of the victory was on the feast of Saint.
Se Cathedral's tower house has a large bell known as 'Golden Bell' because of its rich tone. This bell is one of the best in the world. The dimention of the church is 250x181x115 feet. The main beauty of the church are it's 15 altars which are dedicated to Our Lady of three needs, our lady of Anguish or Our lady of hope. Southern side tower was collapsed in 1776 and was never re-built.

Distance -
From Panaji Kadamba Bus Stand : 10-12 KMs
From Vasco Da Gama Bus Stand : 27 KMs
From Goa International Airport : 24 KMs
From Margao Railway Station : 33 KMs

Shri Shantadurga Temple -

Shri Shantaduga Temple was originally at Keloshi. At Keloshi Sri Shantadurga was known as Santeri Devi. Shri Shantadurga's temple at Keloshi was made by a merchant named Anu Shenai Mone.
Shri Shantadurga temple situated at the foothills of Kavlem village in Ponda Taluka. This temple is regarded as one of the largest temple of Goa. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess of peace, Sri Shantadurga.
According to Scholars, a fierce battle was happening between lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Lord Brahma requested Parvati to Intervene. She intervened in the guise of Shantadurga. She placed Lord Vishnu on her right hand and Lord Shiva on her left hand and settled the fight.
The goddess of peace is shown as holding two serpents one in each of her hands representing lord vishnu and shiva. This avatar of Jagadamba made peace between lord shiva and lord vishnu so the name is Shri Shantadurga. The temple was originated at Keloshi but when Portuguese were destroying this temple in 1564, it was shifted to Kavlem.
If any of you are planning a trip to goa, i would recommend to visit this beatiful temple at Kavlem.
This temple belogs to Gaud Saraswat Brahmin Community.

Distance -
From Panaji Kadamba Bus Stand : 33 KMs
From Vasco Da Gama Bus Stand : 34 KMs
From Goa International Airport : 29 KMs
From Margao Railway Station : 22 KMs

Church of St. Augustine -

St. Augustine Church on the holy hills of Old Goa. The ruins of St. Augustine Church is a prime tourist spot in Goa.This Church was built in 1602 by 12 Augustinians. But unfortunately, the Portuguese government in India put a ban on this church.They abondoned the church.
This church was considered to be one of the greatest churches.Now only the ruins of the front portion of the church remained alon with the magnificent tower remains.The height of the tower is 46 meter.
At around 1931, the church began to fall apart. After that many other parts also deteriorated and
almost all the parts fell down.

Distance -
From Panaji Kadamba Bus Stand : 10-12 KMs
From Vasco Da Gama Bus Stand : 27 KMs
From Goa International Airport : 24 KMs
From Margao Railway Station : 33 KMs

Mahalaxmi Temple -

Shri Mahalaxmi Temple is situated about 4 KMs from Ponda in the village of Bandora. This temple is dedicated to Ma Laxmi, Lord Vishnu's consort. This temple is abode of original goddess of Shakti Cult and the goddess wears the linga on her head. 
This idol of Mahalaxmi has a close resemblance to that of Mahalaxmi idol at Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
Main festivals celebrated here is Navratri, Ram Navami, Mahalaxmi Pratisthapana day in Vaisakh and Mahashivratri in the month of Magh.

Distance -
From Panaji Kadamba Bus Stand : 28 KMs
From Vasco Da Gama Bus Stand : 37 KMs
From Goa International Airport : 33 KMs
From Margao Railway Station : 23 KMs

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Distance -
From Panaji Kadamba Bus Stand : 27 KMs
From Vasco Da Gama Bus Stand : 37 KMs
From Goa International Airport : 33 KMs
From Margao Railway Station : 22 KMs

Tourist places in Goa - 'Dudhsagar Waterfalls'

              Tourist Places in Goa 'Dudhsagar Waterfalls'

Dudhsagar waterfalls is in Mandovi River in Goa state of India. It begins on the Deccan plateau in the state of Karnataka. This river plummets over the highest peak on the border of Goa. This forms 'Dudhsagar Waterfalls'.  By road it's 60 km from Goa's capital city Panaji and 50 km from Margao. It's 80 km south of Belagavi.

Dudhsagar waterfalls is among India's tallest waterfalls with a height of around 310 meter. First being Kunchikal waterfall with a height of 455 meter situated in Shimoga district of Karnataka State. It's located in Bhagwan Mahavir Snctuary and Mollem National Park. The water falls forms an imaginary border between Karnataka and Goa State. This waterfalls comes under the jurisdiction of Goa and falls under Sanguem Taluka. Unlike the summer season, this waterfalls has a huge force of water during monsoon. Dudhsagar literally translates to 'Sea of Milk' For the tourists it is an allusion of white spray and foam.This waterfalls area is surrounded by a dense forest

Castle Rock is the nearest railway station to get to this famous tourist destination. There is no scheduled stop of train near Dudhsagar waterfalls but the visitors coming by train to get down to this place has to get down the steep ladder of the train within a matter of 1 minute or so if the train takes a halt. From here visitors has to walk around a kilometer to get near to waterfalls.

The story behind the name of waterfalls - This story is based on the princess who was the daughter of the king of the Ghats. She was very beautiful and modest. She used to bath in the lake near the castle of her father. She and her female servant used to gather near the lake and the princess consumes a jug of milk.
One day while the princess was having the milk, one handsome prince was passing by the same way.
As he heard the laughter his curiosity got awakened. The princess was ashamed with her scanty bathing attire. Her lady servants poured the milk in a cascades in front of her to create a curtain her donning her clothes.
As the cascade saved the modesty of the princess thus the name Dudhsagar falls.

Religious Heritage Sites of Goa

Religious Places to visit in Goa          There are number of places to visit in Goa for the one who is planning for a 3 days or 5 days ...